Disclosure Policy

I developed this website in 2010 with the intention of sharing information about AGPS.
Aside from the merchandise sold through the site, all content is free. I hope you find AGPS interesting enough to contact me about training opportunities or host a seminar with me.
Recently, though, I decided to add Google AdSense to the page. "What the heck?" I thought. "If I can make some spare change that way, how cool is that?"
I jumped through all the necessary hoops to set up an AdSense account and activate it this site and on my blog.
At no point did I read anything related to Disclosure and Privacy policies. Imagine my surprise when, while researching the Blogger API, I stumbled across something about these policies today.
Data collected on this site is used solely for the purposes of processing merchandise orders placed by the user and replying to communications sent from the user. Information entered into this site will never be used for any other purpose.
If you're interested in AGPS, training with Guru Mike or an AGPS instructor, or hosting an AGPS seminar, please contact us.